La beauté du plan de Dieu pour la famille- WMOF Dublin 22-26 aout 2018

Célébrer la joie de l’amour !

“I hope that this festival will be a source of renewed encouragement to families everywhere, especially those families that will be present in Dublin.  May it remind us all of the essential place of the family in the life of society and in the building of a better future for today’s young people.  Young people are the future! It is very important to prepare them for the future, preparing them today, in the present, but also rooted in the past: young people and grandparents.  This is very important.

“Although the specific reason for my Visit to Ireland is the World Meeting of Families, I would like to include all the members of the Irish family.  In a particular way, I pray that it may further the growth of unity and reconciliation among all Christ’s followers, as a sign of that lasting peace which is God’s dream for our whole human family.

“I know that many people are working hard to prepare for my Visit, and I thank all of them from my heart.  I ask everyone to pray that this great festival will be a moment of joy and serenity, a caress of Jesus’ tender love for all families, and indeed, for all God’s children.  I assure you of my closeness in prayer, and I would ask you to pray for me.  From my heart, I send you my blessing.

“May God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, bless you all!”

Pape François

(some lines in English for friends who do not speak French, especially in Asia and North America, with our gratitude for their faithful friendship)
(quelques lignes en anglais pour les amis qui ne parlent pas le français, en particulier en Asie et en Amérique du Nord, avec notre reconnaissance pour leur fidèle amitié)


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